When facing ongoing nursing care, a common question is will Medicare cover the cost? Medicare is the federal health insurance program for people 65 years or older. Those with permanent kidney failure and young people with specific disabilities may also qualify for Medicare. 

Medicare will not pay for non-medical home care aids unless the senior is homebound and requires physiotherapy, occupational health support, or other medical assistance. The patient must also be confined to their home and unable to leave without support. 

Medicare Eligibility

To be eligible to receive home health care payments from Medicare, the person must have a diagnosis from a qualified medical professional, and a doctor must prescribe home health services. Medicare must approve the home health agency before it pays the benefits. You can find a list of approved providers on the Medicare website

At the time of this writing, Medicare will pay for 100% of part-time (up to 28 hours a week) home health care services for up to 60 days at a time. If your doctor confirms your diagnosis at the end of the 60 days, Medicare will renew your benefits. 

Part B Medicare

Your home health care may be covered by either Part A Hospital insurance and/or Part B doctor visits and outpatient treatment. You will have to meet requirements to receive Medicare benefits. 

If you need long-term or full-time nursing care, you may not qualify for home health care benefits. Some of the services for part-time care may include:

  • Skilled nursing care, examples are to provide medicines or wound care.
  • Occupation or physical therapy to help restore or improve your ability to care for yourself.
  • Medical social services, such as counseling.
  • Medical supplies, such as bandages or medical equipment.
  • Home health aides to help with personal activities due to your illness or injury. Medicare will only cover this if you are also getting skilled nursing care. 

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